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The Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute is an internationally recognized professional training institute dedicated to offering relevant and experiential learning opportunities in child and play therapy. RMPTI believes that children’s needs are best met by using specialized child therapy approaches versus adult models of therapy. Training at the institute is based on the Play Therapy Dimensions Model which is an integrated theoretical perspective that honors the inner wisdom of the child and views the therapist as a guide or companion, rather than the “problem solver”.

RMPTI Programs are unique and are designed for:

• Practitioners who would like to attend continuous training leading to certification or registration as a Play Therapist. To learn about certification standards click here.

• Licensed mental health practitioners who are seeking a specialized credential

• Practitioners who need a flexible training schedule

• International students or those in Canada or North America who need the training to come to them

• Those who want to market a specialization in their practice

• Diploma and masters-level students/graduates

• Practitioners seeking continuing education credits

Programs are designed for students and practitioners who work full-time and are interested in enhancing their theory base and deepening their play therapy skills and techniques. Depending on the level of certification sought, students will have completed or are currently attending a post-secondary institution or graduate-level university program. Relevant disciplines typically include Psychology, Nursing, Clinical Social Work, Child and Youth Care or Education.

Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute - APT Approved Provider #06-179, CACPT Approved Provider 09-104. For detailed information on the programs RMPTI offers please visit: Approved Training



Check out a great video series - by our colleagues Marie-Jose Dahese and Richard Gaskill

The Art & Science of Holistic Expressive Play Therapy: An Integrative Approach to Healing Complex Trauma

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